Coastal Manager Badge Preview

Planet Stewards is making progress on the Coastal Management Career Badge, a minor badge of the NOAA freshwater sciences. The quests that have recently been designed were based off a Freshwater Quest Roadmap made by Lucas Gillispie. As you can see, the quests that are being designed for the Costal Management Career Badge include Introduction to Estuaries, Rising Tides and Shifting Currents, Coming To An Estuary Near You, Coastal Manager: Tools of the Trade, Data Quest: Measuring Water Quality, Stewardship of Estuaries, Hurricanes and Estuaries, and Culminating Activity/Project. Lucas has provided a short YouTube clip giving a brief tour of some of the quests learners will explore as they pursue their Coastal Manager badge.

Go to the Badges & Quests tab on the Planet Stewards website for more information.