NOAA Planet Stewards – Coming July 2013


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We’re very proud to announce the upcoming public launch of Planet Stewards, NOAA’s career pathway badges for middle and high school students.  We will be opening a no-cost training for up to 500 middle and high school science teachers in July 2013.  The training will be conducted fully online over the first three weeks of July.  Work at your own time and pace, supplemented by optional live events.  Earn your NOAA Teacher Badge!

When you’re done, you can bring your students into the platform to earn over 15 NOAA Career Pathway badges, all aligned to NGSS standards.  Up to two professional development credits will be made available through Boise State University for an extra fee of $60 per credit.

If you’d like to be added to the list of participants, please sign up here.

To learn more about the power of quest-based learning, and get a sneak peek at Planet Stewards, check out our video!


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8 thoughts on “NOAA Planet Stewards – Coming July 2013

    • Dan, we offer a “Planet Stewards Teacher Badge” for teachers who participate in the training, yes. Only students, however, can earn the 20 different career pathway badges.

      • It looks like this program is only open to high school teachers. Do you have anything in the works for elementary and middle school teachers/students?

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  2. Well, I am obviously late with this post, but am VERY interested in making this available to my students. When will you be opening another round of accepting teachers to participate in this program? And/or when would it be available for me to provide access to my students?

    • Kelly, we do plan another training in several months. Please use the sign up and we’ll be in contact with anyone new who is on the list. Thanks for your interest!

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