What’s new with NOAA Planet Stewards?

It’s been a busy fall as a new group of 70 teachers from around the country were getting trained and are now implementing Planet Stewards in their classroom!  In June, I had the opportunity to co-present “Lessons Learned” with Julie Stratton, science teacher at Cape May County Technical High School.  It was exciting to see how an actual class implementation played out during our spring pilot.  Based on Julie’s feedback, along with survey and focus group response from our other pilot teachers, we were able to fine-tune the curriculum with support from our friends at NOAA, and instructional designer, Mark Suter.

The Planet Stewards curriculum, over 165 quests in five areas of the NOAA sciences, is available inside the 3D GameLab quest-based learning platform.  Free accounts open in January, so be sure to sign-up soon, if you don’t already have a teacher account.  We’ll be back in April 2014 with another Planet Stewards teacher camp, as well.  Stay tuned!


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