New Badges Have Been Released

Planet Stewards has released more badges, and we would like to share them with you!

The first badge is a teacher achievement badge. Teachers earn this by completing quests that teach them how to use the program and how to incorporate it into their classroom.  Our pilot teachers begin their training this week, and will receive this achievement when complete.

Teacher Achievement

The second set of rewards are general achievements. Achievements are small steps along the way, or areas of specialization completed during questing worthy of recognition.  Achievements are not OBI compliant, but are an important part of creating motivation and providing acknowledgement of learning.

General Achievements


We would love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave a comment or question.


The Teachers Have Been Selected!

Congratulations to the teaches that have been accepted to participate in the pilot launch of Planet Stewards!

All together there were 25 High School teachers accepted from all over the United States. Chris Haskell, the instructional designers, and the NOAA content experts have been working hard to develop the pilot launch curriculum, and are excited to share it. The teachers will be training the first two weeks of November and in January they will be introducing it to their classes. In order to congratulate the teachers properly I have listed below the name, school, city, and state of the 25 accepted participants.

Kelly McAllister Riverside Virtual Riverside CA
Sarah Cox Woodbine Community School Woodbine IA
Jennifer Creasy Charlottesville High School Charlottesville VA
Norman Alford West Broward High school Pembroke Pines Fl
Latha Janet Eau Claire High School Columbia SC
Lucia K. Jacobs Keenan High School Columbia SC
Lisa Triolo Columbia High School Nampa ID
Krista Dunn Lake Taylor High School Norfolk VA
Stephen Coleman High Tech High Quincy WA
Timothy Vaillancourt Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School Marlborough MA
Pamela Rainard Smithfield High School Smithfield VA
Susan Twidle Howell High School Farmingdale NJ
Birgit Musheno Desert Vista High School Phoenix AZ
Montessa Young Idaho Digital Learning Academy and Oregon Virtual Education District Nyssa OR
Catherine Silver Winnacunnet High School Hampton NH
Julie Stratton Cape May County Technical School Cape May Court House NJ
Shaundrie Jones John L. Leflore Mobile AL
Samantha Kimmel Florida Virtual School Kissimmee FL
Amanda Peretich Calvert High School Prince Frederick MD
Vic Akemann Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH) Stevens Point WI
Catherine Flippen Mount Vernon Presbyterian School Atlanta CA
Bryan Hirschman Essex High School Essex VT
Brian Olivera Kodiak Rural Schools Ouzinkie AK
Melanie Joseph Florida Virtual School Orlando FL
Sara Chaves Beam Chesapeake Bay Governor’s School for Marine and Environmental Science Glenns VA

Again, congratulations Teachers! We are excited to have you be a part of Planet Stewards.

Presenting: Planet Stewards Badge Designs

Planet Stewards is excited to present to you the badge designs for the NOAA career pathways.  We would like to thank Eva Delgado for all of her amazing work. The badges turned out beautiful.

In the five areas of science covered by NOAA’s Planet Stewards badges, there are 3 career badges available for a student to choose from. Once mastering the required quests they earn the “super badge” which is the gold badge on the far right. This is the ultimate goal for a student, and the badge shows it with its striking design.

Take a look at the badges here. We are so happy to be sharing this with you and would love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave us a comment or question below.

Coastal Manager Badge Preview

Planet Stewards is making progress on the Coastal Management Career Badge, a minor badge of the NOAA freshwater sciences. The quests that have recently been designed were based off a Freshwater Quest Roadmap made by Lucas Gillispie. As you can see, the quests that are being designed for the Costal Management Career Badge include Introduction to Estuaries, Rising Tides and Shifting Currents, Coming To An Estuary Near You, Coastal Manager: Tools of the Trade, Data Quest: Measuring Water Quality, Stewardship of Estuaries, Hurricanes and Estuaries, and Culminating Activity/Project. Lucas has provided a short YouTube clip giving a brief tour of some of the quests learners will explore as they pursue their Coastal Manager badge.

Go to the Badges & Quests tab on the Planet Stewards website for more information.

Call for Teachers!!

Planet Stewards is looking for 20 high school teachers from around the United States to participate in the first pilot launch of Planet Stewards in the spring of 2013. This is a project of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and 3D GameLab to provide high school students the opportunity to earn up to 15 NOAA-certified career pathway badges. The student’s use 3D GameLab, a quest-based learning platform, to complete quests using NOAA educational materials. They can earn experience points, awards, achievements, and badges, as they engage in an active, hands-on, inquiry-based learning program aligned with the new K-12 Science Education Framework.

A student participating in Planet Stewards will be able to take on the identity of a Space Weather Scientist, Hurricane Hunter, Storm Chaser, Fisheries Biologist, Coral Reef Ecologist, Marine Biologist, Coastal Manager, Hydrologist, Ecologist, Cartographer, Physical Oceanographer, Vulcanologist, Climate Modeler, Paleoclimatologist, and Climate Scientist.

Teachers will be required to participate in a two-week asynchronous training program in the first two weeks of November in order to prepare their class for questing in the fallowing spring. Students will be able to quest all semester long, or a portion of the semester, as determined by each teacher. Participating teachers will receive a small stipend, and also receive a NOAA Certified Teacher Badge. If you are interested and would like more information, see

Don’t miss out! This is going to be a great experience for both teachers and students! Applications are due September 15th 2012.
Post by: Kodi Sims

A big day for OBI badges at NOAA

On July 19-20th, the Planet Stewards team came together for a chance to collaborate as a group at NOAA‘s National Headquarters in Maryland. Each day of meetings was lined up and timed to perfection.

July 19th Agenda
9:00  Introductions, Games and Team Builders
9:30  The Big Picture
The changing paradigm, death of the grade book, quest-based learning, a few outcomes (Chris)
3D GameLab features, badging ecosystem (Lisa)
10:45 Critical Questions
1:00  Topic Tree
2:45  Reward template

The second day was a little more complicated. There was a total of 14 people working together, five of them flying in from around the country. Everyone worked very well together, and some great concepts were formed with the pairing of ideas and knowledge.

July 20th Agenda
9:00 Introductions
9:15 Review topic tree, allowable resources, review new Science Standards/Framework
10:00 Review the tools of translation (flow chart/road map) send off to work
1:00 NOAA Badges Pitch (5 min), identify commonalities across group
2:00 Continue to flesh out roadmap and popplet
3:00 Next Steps/Schedule/Future Meetings

The professionals that were present he first day were the NOAA experts, and the founders of 3D GameLab, Lisa Dawley and Chris Haskel. Each of the NOAA employees specialized in a certain subject area. The roles of each person in Planet Stewards had to do with their area specialty:

Peg Steffen – National Ocean Service
Bruce Moravchik- National Ocean Service
Judy Koepsell – National Weather Service
Ron Gird – National Weather Service
Molly Harrison – National Marine Fisheries Service
Steve Storck – Office of Education
Lisa Dawley – GoGo Labs
Chris Haskell – Boise State

Unfortunately these NOAA experts weren’t able to join us, but are still very involved in the creation of Planet Stewards.

Frank Niepold – National Climate Office
Paulo Maurin – National Ocean Service (Corals)
Atziri Ibanez – National Ocean Service (NERRS)

The second day the instructional design team joined the group. This is when the creativity started to fly. Each technical designer was paired up with a NOAA expert to discuss and design specific quests, along with finding enough resources to fill each quest.

Here is a list of the IDs that joined us on the 20th:

Dr. Beth Wellman
Will Ober
Mel Goodwin
Lucas Gillispie
Jennifer Laughlin

While creating, collaborating, and discussing the Planet Stewards design, the Team will be keeping the public up to date on the progress the group is making, and the processes they are using.

Throughout the two days of meetings some great moments were caught on camera.

Ron Gird is explaining to his group the ideas he has for the Weather and Atmosphere Badge.

Mel Goodwin is explaining to the Team his and Bruce Moravchik’s ideas regarding he Oceans and Coasts Badge.

Judith Koepsell is describing her teams goals regarding the Weather and Atmosphere Badge.

Jennifer Laughlin listens intently as her badge group discusses the logistics of the Weather and Atmosphere badge.

Molly Harrison giggles as her badge partner WIll Ober puts a spin on the Planet Stewards Marine Life Badge.

Steve Storck shows the Planet Stewards team a computer generated model him and his badge partner Lucas Gillispie designed for the Freshwater Habitats Badge.

Lucas Gilispie joyfully collaborates with his badge partner, Steve Storck, regarding the Freshwater Badge.

Bruce Moravchik explains the concepts him and Mel Goodwin came up with concerning the Ocean and Coasts Badge.

Lisa Dawley presents the badge system to the Planet Stewards team. She and Chris Haskell designed the system.

Beth Wellman researches sources for the Weather and Atmosphere badge.

Chris Haskell, Lisa Dawley, and Peg Steffen happily discuss the Planet Stewards badge system design.

Chris Haskell and Lisa Dawley momentarily goof around while discussing the operations of Planet Stewards.

All in all, each person was very open minded and invested in the creation of this game platform and NOAA badges. This is an incredible team that has come together to work on Planet Stewards. Each and everyone of the Team is knowledgeable, has ideas, and together they work successfully.

Post by: Kodi Sims